Vocational Training for Automotive Engineering


We are conducting a three-month long hands-on training starting at Deerwalk Auto Services, Kalopul. This full-time training will teach you basics of how to diagnose and attempt to fix a car problem.

Course Description
This is to inform the trainee that most of the teaching session includes skillset training related to automobile engineering. The purpose of the training is to provide knowledge on automobile maintenance mainly by practical means. This is a three-month program which will cover general knowledge rather than intensive. The program will be conducted on a regular basis for three months providing theoretical and practical knowledge using all the resources of this organization.

Course Participants : Open

Course Duration: Three months

Course Instructors

  • Non-technical section will be covered by the administration staff.
  • Technical section (theoretical portion) will be covered by the engineer lead of the organization.
  • Practical section will be covered by the mechanical lead of the organization.

Participants will be paid NRS. 5000 per month for food and transportation.

We want to produce auto repair mechanics with the highest level of professional integrity. Please join us and learn the skill which will make you job ready.